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GFOLAN EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Limited , an Educational services provider with the sole aim of providing Quality Educational Services for the Citizenry of our dear Country-Nigeria.

We are duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, an arm of Federal government in charge of businesses; we are also a team player with other stakeholders in the education sector.

We have been in Operation since 2004 and we have established working relationship with some foreign Academic institutions in the USA, UK, CANADA, VIETNAM and most parts of EUROPE. We represent them by acting as their accredited recruiting agency.

We organize interactive sessions from time to time to bring some of these Schools closer to our people by inviting the school administrator
to come and sensitize our target public on what they stand to benefit from their itineraries of programs.

The United States is known for its higher education opportunities, which explains why so many American students earn certificates, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees each year.

The cost of education for an international student in the UK is generally lower compared to the USA and other countries. The UK has a long history of welcoming international students to study in its universities and colleges


According to World Bank statistics, Vietnam has maintained a fantastic GDP growth rate at around 7% per year.