Welcome to FPT University,

Vietnam officially joined the WTO in 2006, which urges the country to have highly qualified human resources for a developing knowledge society, especially in highly value-added fields. In acknowledging the shortcomings of a traditional university system for today’s needs; from the encouragement of the government in educational socialization for greater human resource development; and from the demand of FPT Corporation – the biggest IT and Telecommunications Corporation in Vietnam, FPT University was officially established one decade ago.

After 10 years, FPT University – the first university in Vietnam established by an enterprise – has reached the next level to become FPT Education Group in 2016 with new strategy and vision to become network Education Group which targeted 150.000 students by 2025. The curricula with practical-oriented design have helped narrow the gap between education and industry demand. FPT students are provided the best conditions for professional development including languages, personal development, social awareness, soft skills and on the job training (OJT) to meet the requirements to be qualified experts in a global working environment. FPT University is now starting to reap the fruits of its labor with 100% graduates have jobs or are pursuing master degrees. Currently we are training 18,000 students in different programs. We steadily grow at 40% per year.

In 2012, FPT University, a member of FPT Education, became the first university in Vietnam to be awarded a 3-star ranking by the QS World University Ranking System – one among three of the most well-known university ranking systems in the world. To pursue that the University was ranked 3.5 by the end 2015 with 5 stars in 4 main sectors: Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Social Responsibility. FPT University pursues 4 stars by 2018. In 2012 also experienced the official implementation of the GO GLOBAL strategy. Accordingly, the university strongly promotes international cooperation, international admission and recruitment as well as opening overseas presents. One of our targets is to continuously improve our quality and become a world-class university in Vietnam.

On behalf of Board management of FPT Education, I would like to express our sincere thankfulness to all partners and students who trust and have been working with us for the time being. We commit to bring the best practice of higher education quality, diversifying environment and services to you with “lifelong learning” skills to be global citizen.

Dr. Le Truong Tung