Welcome to FPT University

At FPT University, we concentrate on developing a ‘new generation university’ with a modern educational philosophy which combines training activities with the actual need for skills in the country, leveraging Vietnam to a level at which it can compete with developed countries in the world.


FPT University Global as a specialized department recruiting international students to study at FPT Education. FPTU Global has brought opportunities to study in Vietnam for hundreds of students in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Laos, Myanmar, Japan and Korea. We are here to provide considerable support with a range of information, support and services to international students. At the same time, FPTU Global also seeks partners to develop training abroad such as Laos, Myanmar, etc.

In addition, FPTU Global is responsible for the development of student exchange programs and short-term training courses for international students coming to Vietnam. The organization maintains close relationships with nearly 70 universities in 20 countries and annually receives 1,000 foreign students to study and do short-term internships in Vietnam. The notable countries include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, France, Germany, USA, etc.

FPT University milestones

Some important milestone in the development of FPT Education

  • 1999: FPT Aptech (software programming training center)​
  • 1999: FPT Aptech (software programming training center)​
  • 2006: FPT University
  • 2009: FPT Greenwich (UK Degree programs) & FPT School of Business​
  • 2010: FPT Polytechnic (vocational training college)
  • 2011: FPT Jetking (hardware and networking programs)​
  • 2013: FPT High School
  • 2015: FUNiX (online university)​
  • 2016: FPT International Student Exchange Center (student mobility programs)
  • 2017: FPT Primary school, FPT BTEC (UK Higher Diploma), FPT-UBD Innovation Lab (intensive software development training in Brunei) & UBD-FPT Global Center (English Language training center)
  • 2018: FPT Skillking (Digital Marketing certificate program)​